"Tekstualia" 2013, nr 1 (1)

A special selection of articles (Index Plus)

The following translated essays are the results of the fi rst part of the translation project Index Plus, which is fi nanced by the MNiSW (the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education). The aim of the project is to extend the international range of the periodical Tekstualia – Palimpsesty Literackie Artystyczne Naukowe (which has been published since 2005 by Dom Kultury Śródmieście in Warsaw) by bringing out two English-language editions of the quarterly both in a paper and an electronic version over the period 2012–2014.


Table of contents:


Problems of Interdisciplinary and Comparative Studies

Problems of Metatheory and Metahistory

Problems of the Theory and History of Folklore

Poetics and Worldview